Welcome to MedHeadlines – a site dedicated to answering everyday questions patients have – in a simple, evidence-based manner.

I’ve been passionate about medicine and technology since the mid 1990’s.  While at medical school, I bought my first domain and built my very first website that helped our class exchange study notes.  Since then I was hooked on technology.

A few years later, I landed a job with a medical publisher where I took part in the process of developing and processing evidence-based content aimed at the medical professions.


A picture is worth a thousand words…

– anonymous

Since I truly believe that pictures can make complex ideas simpler, as well as more appealing to watch – the content on MedHeadlines will feature medical infographics for easier understanding of the topics. Feel free to use these infographics for your own purposes, they are in public domain.  I just ask that you kindly send a link back to MedHeadlines.