Sports! Sports! Sports! What such drama these activities can be to those people that prefer to sit at home and hope to the gods that they shall somehow remain fit no matter the foods they eat and how fast they age. Maybe, it is the initial heavy lifting (of body parts like feet and hands) we experience before we get into routine or the pain that follows after for two weeks because we became adventurous and joined the volleyball team at the club. Whatever the case, scientists seem to think that participating in some kind of sport, any kind to be exact, be it football, jogging or golf( yes, it is a ball sport) will ensure longer life for us all.

This kind of activity is different from ball room dancing. It requires you to don the right attire to ensure you can participate flexibly in the game and that you have the right tools (tennis racket for tennis and not badminton). You therefore need to:

  • Read and research

Keep your head, do not aim for a sport that you have no information on and you are not able to do. If you must jog, first timers are advised to start off with short distances and increase with time and ability. This will make it easy and strain your body less.

Learn on the sport you are looking to work with. You must be sure that you have the time and energy for which it entails to ensure that you can dedicate your time to this.

  • Equipment

The best way to play a game is to play it the right way, unless its politics. Therefore, you need to ensure that all the things you require for a specific sport is accounted for either provided for by the club you join or those you bought recently such as: racks, balls, gloves, clubs and skates or whatever it is you will be using. Preparation is the key and you must ensure that you are ready to face the challenge.

You may want to drag a friend or eight for the moral support as you are a beginner. It will take the pressure off and keep it easy, fun and simple as you are all venturing into something new together without all the pressure. Those with conditions with their legs, they can get an appropriate foot orthotics to make this comfortable to do.