The skin is the largest organ that covers the body. It is one’s first line of defense against pathogens and elements of the weather. There are skin problems that can be treated with simple ointments and creams and sometimes oral drugs, whereas others are more severe that may be as a result of defects or are simply pre-existing. Some do not even have cures and can be fatal.

Some congenital disorders are seen in new born babies and more often begin their affliction in uterus. Others are genetic, while others the cause is still unknown. The stigma that is associated with skin ailments is traumatic to the afflicted. It may result in low esteem and produce introverts. Many afflicted with skin disorders would rather buy the no medical exam life insurance, instead of subjecting themselves to medical examination required by the regular life policies.

Congenital skin ailments manifest in a number of ways. They may be vesicles that is, accumulations of liquid under the skin, red dry patches, rashes, blisters and pimples. They may be welts, lesions or hives. It is notable that one of the worst congenital skin disorders is harlequin icthyosis. It is fatal and its cause is unknown. The babies are born premature and covered by a thick armor-like covering that hinders the baby’s movement. It may further dry out and form scales or flake and it mainly affects the lips, eyelids and ears. It produces lifelong disfigurement for those who survive through infancy and constant infections .Others disorders include:

  • Epidermolysis bullosa – This condition is characterized by blistering from minor injuries, friction brought about by rubbing or scratching. There are four main types and it is a condition that is mostly inherited. Infants and children are usually affected, while some people get it in their adolescent years. Some strains improve with age while others get complicated and can be fatal. It has no cure and the symptoms are treated to alleviate pain, dress wounds, treat infections and the itch that accompanies healing wounds.
  • Vitiligo – It is characterized by white patches on the skin, and can develop on any part of the body. It is caused by lack of pigmentation (melanin) in the skin due to damage of the cells that produce the pigment. Whatever causes this is unknown. It has neither cure nor ways of preventing it. One may use cosmetics or go for re-pigmentation by using UV light.

There are many treatments for congenital skin disorders. Some include the use of topical drugs, ointments, lotions and powders. Others may be swallowed or injected.