The third trimester of pregnancy includes the last three months to your expected date of delivery. You are so close to delivering your child yet the hardships involved makes your (E.D.D) seem so far. The below are what to expect during this time, as well as proposed solutions to minimize the associated pains and discomfort:

1. Back pain is a common discomfort for many women during this time, since the weight of the baby results in pressure on the back causing you not to be able to perform certain activities like washing your feet comfortably. The extra weight of your breasts in preparation for lactation may also add to this. This can be resolved in the below ways:

  • Keep moving – Lying down constantly will not help you, non strenuous activities like walking should be done.
  • Another thing you can do to ease the discomfort is applying a heating or cooling pad on the painful area.
  • Getting a massage done by a professional.
  • Purchasing a back brace for back pain will help relieve the pressure and make you very comfortable. See a medical specialist if the pain persists to unbearable levels.

2. Contractions may come and go at irregular intervals in preparation of the real thing. This is the Braxton hick’s contraction (labor). Medical practitioners advise on letting them happen without interference with pain killers so that you may study it well to know when it is actually labor happening.

3. Breathing difficulties happen because the uterus expands to make room for the growing baby while at the same time, pushes the diaphragm upwards and outwards. You should adjust your sleeping and seating postures with the help of maternity pillows while the baby adjusts gradually to then settle deep in the pelvis after which you will feel much relieved.

4. Elephant feet are the swollen feet and ankles that come about when the pressure exerted to the veins by the uterus causes fluid retention. Elevating your feet while resting will engage gravity force in helping the blood flow back to the rest of the body.

5. Heartburn is another common condition that comes about since the growing uterus displaces the stomach and in turn causes the digestive juices to rise up. To minimize the effect of this, eat smaller portions of meals regularly and take a lot of liquids. Avoid spicy food and fizzy drinks. If it gets worse, go seek medical attention for antacid prescription.