Is that a fact? Being okay with your body is fine if okay is what you’re after. Loving your body on the other hand could be a simple matter of having just a little work done here and there. Maybe you’ve put on a few unnecessary pounds over the years. Maybe gravity has become your enemy, pulling on parts of your body until they’ve gotten to the point where they no longer resemble what they used to be. Maybe the wind and the sun have taken their toll along with the aging process and your skin no longer has that elasticity and glow that used to.

All of the above can be repaired

Women in particular are painfully aware of what gravity can do to fatty tissue. This does not in any way imply that women have more fatty tissue that men, it’s unfortunately concentrated in specific areas. Over time breasts, hips and butts tend to shift to a more of a southerly location than where they started out. Men however can also have unfortunate results of gravity’s effects on fatty tissue. Some men suffer from a condition that many refer to, albeit crudely, as man boobs. Now that probably isn’t politically correct and it certainly isn’t eloquent, but it certainly leaves no doubt as to what is being referred to here. And just as with women’s breasts, hips and butts… man boobs can be repaired. Even more unfortunate is the man that has this issue unilaterally. They tend to feel a little lopsided.

Don’t worry buddy, there is hope for you yet

The procedure referred to here is known as gynecomastia surgery. It is extremely common in this age of technology and body alterations, and is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. It’s a little like the $6 million man. Except that it doesn’t cost you $6 million. At the beginning of that show one of the scientists used to say, and I quote “we have the technology” in his most sincere and serious science guy voice.

Well that’s exactly what we have today the technology. You no longer have to be ashamed to take your shirt off at the beach, while you’re outside cutting the grass, playing volleyball with the guys and gals from the bar… what have you. To some, it may not seem like a big deal. But to other men, it can be a source of anxiety and embarrassment. There is simply no need for that in this day and age.

It’s okay to be more than okay with your body!