Oral cancer is one of the types of cancers which take a long time before being detected. One of the reasons why most people know that they already have oral cancer is that this type of cancer is basically a type of head and neck cancer. Oral cancer is a type of dental emergency that should be taken care of right away.

How can one determine that he has oral cancer? Well, it is possible to determine if a person is a victim of oral cancer by watching out for the following symptoms:

Long lasting sores and blisters

It is normal for any person to suffer from sores and blisters in the mouth. Just because a person has sores and blisters does not mean he already has cancer. But it should be noted that these only last for a maximum of seven to ten days. If it has already been two weeks and the sores and blisters are still there, it is ideal for the victim to go to his doctor.

Pain in the ears

The inner parts of the ears are located close to the throat. So when a person suffers from oral cancer, there is a chance for his ears to get affected. Although most cases of earaches are caused by infection, one should not be sure that he is only suffering from an infection if his ears are frequently aching. There is a possibility that he is suffering from oral cancer.


Bleeding in the mouth could be caused by various conditions. Most of the time, there is bleeding because a part of the gums has been injured. If there is continuous and long lasting bleeding, the services of a doctor should be considered right away. Not only is bleeding a symptom for oral cancer but it could also be a symptom for other diseases.

Patches in the mouth

Patches in the mouth are also symptoms of oral cancer. These patches are usually colored red or white. Since they are easy to detect, those who suffer from these patches are usually the ones who get treated. After all, oral cancer, like any type of cancer, has to be treated in the soonest time possible.

Difficulty in swallowing

Those who are experiencing difficulties in swallowing should also consider going to the doctor right away. This is because victims of oral cancers have been known to have a hard time swallowing various types of food and even water.