When it comes to having a stable career, one of the fields that you can get into to land a secure and stable job is the medical field. Unfortunately not everybody have the luxury to pay for and study eight years in medical school to become a doctor and is looking for an entry-level way to break into the medical field. If this sounds familiar, one of the options that you can check out to get into the medical field is phlebotomy. Your main job as phlebotomists is to draw out blood from patients and prepare the blood samples for lab usage. It’s a growing career and one that you can consider because of the following reasons:

Inexpensive and shorter time to study – Unlike other medical professions such as being a nurse or a doctor, being a phlebotomist will not cost you a lot of money or even time to be a trained professional. There are even cases where doctors offer on-the-job training to high school diploma holders. So it’s not a requirement for you to spend several years of your life in college to become a phlebotomist. The amount of time you will spend in studying to become one will depend on the type of training course that you have chosen and can be done in just a few weeks or months time.

Several options for education – There are some phlebotomy positions that don’t require certification but it’s always best to get yourself certified if you want a stable and more fruitful career as a phlebotomist. When you have certification, you can get higher pay and better job opportunities. So if in case you did decide to get a certification, the beauty of studying phlebotomy is you have several educational options that you can avail. You can study online or you can go to vocational and technical schools. Some community colleges also offer phlebotomy or workshops for it. One thing you have to make sure before enrolling is if they are being endorsed by the American Phlebotomy Association or if the school is offering certification by this certifying body.

Better compensation – Compared to other entry-level jobs, being a phlebotomist will benefit you a good entry-level salary. Let’s get real here – you will not become rich by being a phlebotomist. However, you will have the chance to earn a more comfortable salary even if you are fresh out of training. As you gain more work experience, the chances of having higher salary is possible. This will also empower you to work towards a better and more advanced degree in the medical field if in case you want to explore the medical field a little bit more.

Better job opportunities – Employment is currently an issue in many States. You can however beat unemployment by being a phlebotomist. You can choose to apply not only in hospitals but you can also work in private clinics, doctor’s office, blood donation banks, labs, ambulatory medical centers and a lot more where patients needs to extract blood samples. Aside from abundant job opportunities, most phlebotomist has flexible working schedules because most of these institutions operate 24/7. There are a lot more reasons why you should consider being a phlebotomist. Whatever the reason maybe, one thing is for sure – this could be a fruitful career that can open up many doors.

This article was written by Marissa for Phlebotomy Training Group. Make sure to visit them here: http://phlebotomytraininggroup.com/