Preserving one’s self is a necessary initiative people in the early thirties must do. People definitely change in during this point of their lives. This, sadly, is not only behaviorally and mentally but physically as well. It is at this age that people start to physically degenerate. Some gain more weights while others lose hair and develop dull and wrinkly skin. One way to age gracefully is to obtain better and sufficient sleep.

There are many theories why people sleep and one of them is called “Restorative Theory”. Basically, this theory claims that creature sleep in order to replenish what was lost during daytime. As an example offered by Harvard Medical School, the production of adenosine in the brain makes people feel tired. This by-product of the cell is produced during the day. At night, when people are at rest, their system is able to clear the adenosine from the brain which in turn makes them feel rejuvenated.

In terms of beauty and aging, sleep is considered to be the most potent natural remedy to looking and feeling young. Sleep makes people look glowing because the blood circulates properly. Moreover, completing the suggested hours for slumbering keeps the eyebags and dark eyes away. Finally, when people sleep, they produce those hormones necessary for collagen build up.

Sleeping at night also help sharpen the memory. When people age, their memory also start failing. This is something that people should watch out for as memory is the best souvenir they could ever have. Many experts have embarked on research on how sleep improves memory functions. A report in the Neuroscience journal date June 30, 2005 explained that memories shift to a safer region of the brain when people sleep. Because of this, they are able to better preserve them.

Unfortunately, despite the numerous benefits of sleep, it is something that is pretty hard to achieve. Most especially if one suffers from muscle and body aches. To alleviate these conditions, people may turn to orthopedic bedroom items such as beds and pillows. Read here for some of the items that could help a person improve sleep quality.