Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases of the 21st century. It has claimed many lives, is expensive to treat and leaves physical, emotional and psychological pain in its wake. Although it manifests in different parts of the body such as the mouth, ovaries, lungs and breasts, the devastation is the same. With early diagnosis and treatment, this disease can be beaten and you can continue to live a normal, healthy life.

Scientists have found that certain foods can prevent or reduce cancer causing agents in your body. These foods when taken in the correct manner and quantities have resulted in elimination of cancer causing agents in the body or slowing down of the regeneration rate of these rogue cells in human bodies. Below are some inexpensive foods that are easily found in your local grocery store. If you like Mexican food, you are lucky as many cancer fighting foods are staples of their cuisine.

  • Jalapenos

This chili pepper which is a staple of Latino cuisine contains capsaicin. When you bite into any pepper and your eyes immediately begin to water, capsaicin is to blame. It fights cancer by destroying the flow of energy to the cells that energize the disease. The added advantage is that it fights various forms of cancer and can relive pain associated with the disease.

  • Avocados

Another staple of Latino cuisine, this food contains a protein named glutathione. Although its name is difficult to pronounce, glutathione is vital in the fight against cancer. Studies have shown that its antioxidant properties kill free radicals known to cause cancer. Consumption of glutathione also helps detoxify your body, increasing your overall health.

  • Red wine

Red wine contains polyphenols which have antioxidant properties. Due to its alcoholic properties, you should only take wine sensibly so that you do not destroy your liver together with the free radicals.

  • Carrots

This vegetable contains beta carotene. If you find it difficult to eat large quantities of this, you can juice the vegetable using the many food processors and juicers available in the market. Beta Carotene fights many forms of cancer such as breast, prostate and lung among others and is especially beneficial when consumed raw. It is wise to consume these foods raw as cooking may destroy some of the nutrients. If you can, shop from organic stores so that the foods you eat are free from artificial chemicals.