Any disease that affects the human body is a cause for decreased quality of life of an individual and their family at large. The lungs are a major part of the human body and keeping them working properly is the key to healthy body functions. All air that is needed to fuel the body cells is passed through the lungs before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. So it is an important task to remember to take care of the lungs by keeping in mind a few healthy practices.

1. Smoking is the leading cause of lung disease in the world today and that is why there are campaigns going on everywhere to urge people to quit the habit. The risk of developing lung disease increases with the amount of time that one has been engaging in the practice. It is never too late to take the bold step and stop smoking because the body repair mechanism allows for reduced disease potential when the host agent is not there.

2. Protecting your lungs from harmful hazards involves being aware of what is in the surrounding. Air pollutants are everywhere and getting exposed at high concentration causes damage to the lungs. If it is possible to avoid such environments for good, then this is the best practice, otherwise wear masks or breathe filters before and during exposure. The home equivalent of industrial pollutants is secondary cigarette smoking as people smoke indoors. This should be completely avoided especially when there are small children in the house because of their delicate lungs.

3. The common cold is one of the most common infections experienced today because the germ that causes it is easy to be transmitted from one host to another through little droplets. Washing hands regularly means that you constantly wash off the virus and you keep the flu or cold you have from being spread to others around you. Repeated instances of cold and flu, leads to a weak lung system that can be easily infected by disease.

4. The faster you get treated for any disease of the respiratory system the faster the treatment is going to be. Be vigilant in identifying symptoms like wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath or chest pain and do not make the mistake of ignoring them.

5. The food you eat dictates the quality of life you will have so it actually pays to eat fresh well prepared foods. This should be accompanied by maintaining an active lifestyle that constantly exercises the lungs to build their capacity.