In general, dermatologists can be classified into two groups. One class deals with actual medical dermatology issues such as cancer, hair loss, skin conditions, and rashes. A sub class in this category is dermatologic surgery. If you have a skin problem or cancer that needs to be removed, you need to see a dermatologic surgeon.

The other category concentrates on cosmetic practices. These practices have more lenient requirements and regulations. There are no subcategories in this cosmetic dermatology and it can be very tough to know the training of a medical expert in this practice. For instance, doctors from other fields of medicine may cross over to cosmetic practices because it has more money. If you are interested to find the top dermatologist in Chicago, follow these tips:

1. Check the credentials

Before you agree to work with a medical expert in cosmetic dermatology, determine whether they have formal training in reconstructive or plastic surgery. They should also have a certification for dermatology. You should find out whether the individual has received sufficient training, board certification, met minimal requirements for competence, and successfully completed a required residency program. You can obtain this information from the American Board of Medical Specialties.

2. Go beyond the required certifications

To find the top dermatologist in your area, you should not just settle for the basic requirements and certifications. Inquire what training the person has besides board certifications. Ask whether they have ever received training in teaching hospital, cosmetic practices in a medical school or a medical seminar anywhere in the country.

It is a positive sign if the doctor you choose has a hospital appointment that permits him or her to carry out the cosmetic procedure there. Many hospitals would not grant this permission unless they know that the doctor is qualified to do that procedure. If the individual has no appointment, it may be an indication that you need to move on.

3. What reputation do they have?

In cosmetic practices, reputation is highly important. Normally, if a cosmetic expert does a shoddy job, he or she will generally have an awful reputation in that city. On the other side, if he or she does an excellent job, people will not stop talking about him or her. Therefore, it will not hurt you to ask around about a specialist you have been considering. You may also check his or her profile and review online.