We think it took quite a bit of consumer prodding after the news of bisphenol-A  hit, but we’re thrilled that Tupperware has released a chart that identifies the types of plastics used in its product line. A link to the chart is posted after the jump.



Tupperware representatives got in touch with us to report that a material identification chart had been posted online. A quick look reveals that a number of collections – Ice Prisms, Microsteamer, Microwave Cooker and others – are made of polycarbonate plastic (the type the National Toxicology Program report has flagged as having “some concern” for leaching bisphenol-A). The majority of Tupperware products, though, are apparently made of polypropylene, LDPE and other plastics thought to be safe.

Until now, consumers were expressing great concern because Tupperware doesn’t imprint recycling codes on the bottom of its product – so there was no way to know which might contain polycarbonate. Tupperware says it’s because its products “contain a lifetime guarantee and were not originally intended for recycling.”

While that sounds like a bit of spin, we’re happy to hear that brand saying it’ll begin to “systematically” imprint the recycling codes on all products. Tupperware also says it doesn’t sell baby bottles in the United States and Canada, nor does it use polycarbonate (marked as a #7 plastic) bottles in any of its children’s products, which include Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and Disney-themed lines.


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