Medicare Part D Falls Short on Prescription Coverage

Medicare coverage expanded a bit in 2006 to include coverage for prescription drugs, Part D, provided a Medicare beneficiary chose to enroll in Medicare Part D.  Now that the prescription coverage plan has been in effect for a while, a review survey covering the year 2006 reveals mixed opinions for the plan. [Read more...]

Wanted: Diabetic Women To Eat Chocolate Every Day for a Year!

Sounds like the kind of job dreams are made of but it’s entirely real.  Researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) are recruiting as many as 150 postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes to eat specially formulated chocolate every day for a year to evaluate any health benefits the tricked-out chocolates may provide.  The chocolates for the study are to be laced with added flavonoids in an effort to determine if the flavonoids minimize the high risk of heart disease associated with diabetes. [Read more...]

Blood Substitutes Not Necessarily Life Saving

The medical community has long been aware of the benefits a blood substitute might bring when accidents occur in remote settings and during times of war but finding the right product has been difficult.  The current version of blood substitutes under development seemed promising for a while but a recent analysis of sixteen clinical trials reveals safety concerns. [Read more...]

Pharmacy Robot Works 24/7 to Eliminate Errors

The new prescription-filling robot at Loyola University Hospital can dispense as many as 600 doses of various medications in an hour and it does so with an innovative system of safeguards that will dramatically improve the number of human errors that can jeopardize a patient’s health. [Read more...]

Clear, Shiny Lip Gloss Ups Cancer Risk

Dermatologist Christine Brown has noticed an increased risk of cancer in people who wear clear, shiny lip balms and glosses during exposure to the sun.  Instead of acting as a protection, as many people expect, the shiny stuff actually attracts the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays instead. [Read more...]